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  • Great While It Lasted

    The Earth was great for anywhere between 6,000 years, if you're Catholic, or 200,000 years if you side with evolution. But it's time to move off this rock to a sister planet in outer space. Global warming, an asteroid strike, nuclear war - it's only a matter of time.

    It's not too late!

  • Stop Wasting Your Money

    Walkathons, bowlathons, car washes, cookie sales, charity golf events, charity auctions - what good has any of it done? But we keep donating to charities, even though 75 percent of funds go to admin expenses.

    Time and money

  • Sibling Planet

    Not only do we not pay our employees. To keep costs down, we don’t even offer health benefits. We won't waste your time with walkathons or bowlathons. We won't guilt you into buying tee-shirts. We just want your money.

    Here's some further literature


The Sibling Planet is the vision of Daniel Anderson Wake, aka Danders, a public restroom mogul with an interest in space colonization.

Our Staff

We consist of artists, poets and activists, all currently unemployed, along with former government contractors (also unemployed).


Construct a sustainable space habitat in low earth orbit. Five percent of donations support the Slancy High School marching band.

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We're Building An App!

While we are passionate about keeping down administrative costs, in order to build a new planet, we first need to build a new app.

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"This App is going to transform the way people don't raise money for charities. I'm not entirely sure what the App is for, but it will be very nice once we're finished." - Joe, Web Developer

Donate to build the App that will build the planet!

Not Yet Convinced

Perhaps you're one of the purists who believe things are not so bad, that we as a species will overcome our flaws. In that case, take a gander at some of these terrifying things happening in a neighborhood near you!

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    Pollution, just everywhere

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    Fundamentalism: Let's agree on one set of holidays

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    What is in these things? Does anyone really know?

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    What unholy weather hell is on tap this week?

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    Can start a pandemic by sneezing, or an unlucky sexual encounter

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    Matter of time ...

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    Gun use, like poetry, should occur in the privacy of woods

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    There are more people in the world than chairs at Starbucks

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